Who Is Shirley Green?




They may have brushed their teeth next to each other every morning for years.  They most certainly endeavored to raise a child together, move cross country and back, and share much of the minutiae of daily life.

But making music together?  This decision took a bit longer.

Fourteen years into their relationship, Shirley Green bandmates and spouses Alixe Rheeve (vocalist/keyboardist/main songwriter) and Jason Rieve (drums/recording/production) finally took the plunge and made the ultimate commitment in 2013:  They formed a band.

From day one, sexy sax man (and synth player) John Schiefelbein helped round out this original female-fronted group.

Soon after, guitarist Tom Robinson came on board - his long-ago wedding day serenade to Alixe and Jason now part of the history of Shirley Green's musical timeline.

On Their Sound: The band describes their music as “experimental, atmospheric modern rock with emotionally-unstable undertones". Shirley Green songs are vivid, quirky and held together by a common thread of strong melodies. Their songs often run deep.

Want to go even deeper?  Listen to Shirley Green’s radio interviews here and learn more about the music, the members, and the band’s beginnings.